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Ang taong pangit, sa edit kumakapit.. JOKE! :D :D :D

-wew this is the 1st time i edited a pic of mine.. haha its kinda fun

happy anniversary

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happy 29th anniversary to my dearest parents... :)

i just wanna share this video i created IM HERE TO STAY PART 1 hope u guys like it. ^^

just wanna share my youtube

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guys.. i forgot to mention .. i have a newly created youtube channel ... i'll upload some stuff there , hope you guys get interested pls do vist / subscribe / comment / rate etc... thanks all ! :)


-- knarfizard


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SIOMAI , SIOPAO, SOPAS (8X) :) try nio
waa... ampanget pa din ng blog ko.. huhuhuh... mamaya ill find time to make this blog worth visiting for, :) oxa may pasok pa ako nihonggo class ..hehe just

kiyoskite ne!

new renovation..

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goodeve pips.. trying to work thing out with my layout and stuff,, woo thanks rok ...

haay grabe .. mahirap din pala mag blog blog noh.. nkaka kablag.. where do i start .. what do i do.. >.<..

newLy created bloG

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woi guys.. help me out on this.. nde ko alam gagawin ko and/or pano magsimula wahaha


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